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Scholarship Recipients

2018-2019 Scholarship Winners

Family Association Scholarship
Erika Conover

Heloise Bowles Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Erica Pansing
Helena Van Maren

Lunelle A. Anderson Scholarship
Leela Rao
Broderick Turner

Marian Loep Endowed Scholarship
David Johnson
Aaron Mikel

Wylmette “Heather” Gayle Memorial Scholarship
Gerardo Martinez
Carlos Weeber

Tuition Raffle Winners- Summer 2018
Colleen Metz
Peter Torres

UFCU Family Association Scholarships- Summer 2018
Savannah Bankston
Addison Gaetano
Victoria Miramontez
Cade Tucker
Audrey West
Rhiannon West


Past recipients share how these scholarships supported their academics.

Family Association Scholarship Winner Brooke Phillips

Brooke Phillips

"The Heloise Bowles Memorial Scholarship has helped my educational career at Texas State in the greatest way possible. I am from out of state, so the cost of tuition for me is higher than what many in-state students are paying. This scholarship allowed me to continue attending Texas State University, while helping me out with out of state costs. My education is what is most important to me, and by receiving this scholarship, I can further pursue my long term goals and dreams of graduating with a college degree. I am a journalism mass communications major. In the future I hope to one day work in the entertainment market and have a career writing for a top magazine company or host for a television show. My dreams are what I strive for, and the Heloise Bowles Memorial Scholarship gave me the best opportunity to be able to pursue these dreams, and take me one step closer into them becoming a reality some day."

"Texas State University is an amazing institution that has given me the opportunity to learn a great deal my first year in college. With the financial support of the Lunelle Anderson Scholarship I have been able to focus on my studies in the classroom and become a Deans List Recipient my first semester and hopefully my second as well. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been granted by attending Texas State University with the help of the Lunelle Anderson Scholarship. With the support from the Family Association scholarship funds many other students could also have this great opportunity. I look forward to the new ideas that will influence society and how this world will grow for the better with open minded people."

 Family Association Scholarship Winner Samantha Capetillo

Samantha Capetillo

Family Association Scholarship Winner Meagan Jurica

Meagan Jurica

"My name is Meagan Jurica, and I was blessed to have received one of the 2015 Texas State Family Association scholarships. I would like to extend my gratitude to all that donate to this organization for scholarships and aiding students like myself with this award. When hearing that you receive a scholarship, an incredible feeling rushes over you because you know how hard you have worked, and when others appreciate the effort you make, it gives you that extra boost you need to continue to do well. Donating to this scholarship helps me as well as others achieve not only short term goals such as taking classes but also long term goals such as working at our dream jobs, and by continuing to donate your time and money, you can help many more students in the future accomplish the same. Thank you again for supporting Texas State University and myself by offering these scholarships. I will continue to work hard in everything I do and continue to make Texas State University proud."

"The scholarship I have received has given me the opportunity to receive an education and start my life towards a successful future. The award gave both myself and my family less error to thrive as humans. I believe families need to continue to donate to the Family association because they are helping to better the lives of students and families here at Texas State. The smallest amount can make the biggest impact!"

Family Association Scholarship Winner Jamie Granzella

Jamie Granzella